Delegates at the 2018 WEA Representative Assembly approved NBI 30, which funds release time for locals with non-release presidents so that local leaders can engage in organizing. These grants are now available to Councils.

Purpose of the Grant

Grants will reimburse Councils for the cost of release time for non-release local presidents or designee(s) to complete organizing activities (e.g., building visits, one-to-ones, new employee contacts, and meetings with non-members). These grants can be used only for reimbursement of release time costs for the president or designee(s) of qualifying locals. No other costs, such as meals or travel, are covered.

Process to Receive a Grant

  1. The Local Association develops and presents a one-page plan to the Council’s Executive Committee. The plan should outline the membership work to be accomplished and should include the following elements:
    1. Objective – A brief description of the overall goal of the grant. For example, sign-up five “new to the district” employees as members.
    2. Deliverables – A list of specific actions that will be taken to reach the objective. For example, visit two worksites and meet one-on-one with seven non-members who are “new to the local”.
    3. Timeline – List the dates when the activities will occur.
    4. Budget – Cost of the release time.
  2. The Council Executive Committee reviews and acts on the Local Association’s plan.
  3. If the plan is approved, the Council administers and funds the release time. WEA will reimburse rather than pay in advance for this release time.


All locals with non-release time local presidents are eligible for 1 release day for every 30 members (not to exceed 8 days per local).


  • Grant funding is valid only for release time during the 2018-19 fiscal year, which ends on August 31, 2019.

NBI 30 President Trainings

In addition to the grants, NBI 30 also funds trainings. This spring, WEA will hold trainings for local presidents without release time. These trainings, one on each side of the state, will cover:

  • Membership impact on budgeting and dues formulas and rates for the local
  • Membership organizing reporting
  • Maintaining and growing local membership
  • Bargaining contract language to protect union organizational rights

WEA will pay for attendees’ release time, mileage and meal costs for up to 50 local presidents at each site. Registration will open early March.


Grant: Please contact Delilah Gillespie,, 253-765-7123.

Training: Please contact Rebecca Jaffe,, 253-765-7083.