The History:

On the WEA website is a list of successes from the 1970s that gave educational employees contract provisions that we take for granted today, provisions that did not exist in 1965.  They are:

  • Strong non-discrimination rights
  • A right to a personal life
  • Paid leaves including sick leave, emergency leave, personal leave, child birth and many others
  • Defined evaluation procedures and criteria
  • Class size limits with many taking into account the impact of special needs students
  • A right to inspect personnel files
  • Specific work days and hours
  • Safety provisions to protect staff and students
  • Academic freedom
  • Additional pay for extra time and responsibilities
  • Fair grievance procedures
  • "Just cause" provisions protecting teachers being disciplined
  • Fair layoff and recall provisions
  • In-service training opportunities
  • Job posting and transfer rights
  • Prohibition against assigning teachers non-teaching duties
  • Sick leave cash-out
  • Fringe benefits including medical, dental, vision, life and long-term disability insurances and many others!