WEA Olympic Financial Hardship Grant

Because of layoffs, furloughs, and other reductions in staffing and hours directly related to COVID-19, many WEA Olympic members have experienced a loss of income.  The WEA Olympic Rep Council has approved the creation of a Financial Hardship Grant to assist in these challenging times. This Financial Hardship Grant will be available to WEA Olympic members who are financially impacted by furloughs, layoffs, or another reduction of income relating to COVID-19.     

The following Financial Hardship Grant policy shall apply: 

  1. Benefits 

    • The individual member crisis amount shall be up to $200. 
    • The member may apply for benefits from the Financial Hardship Grant on the first day  the member faces a loss of income. 
  2. Eligibility for Application 

    • The individual must be an active WEA member (for purposes of this fund, we are still considering individuals as members who have been furloughed or placed on stand-by status regardless of their specific dues paying ability.
    • The member must articulate a loss of income due to COVID-19. 
  3. Procedures 

    • The individual member shall submit the application linked below to Stephanie Mikos at smikos@washingtonea.org
    • A WEA Olympic staff member will verify membership status.
    • The approved application shall be submitted to the Council President or designee for final determination and processed for payment.
    • If the request for individual member crisis funds is denied, the applicant shall have the right to appeal such denial to the WEA Olympic Executive Committee. 
    • All applications for funds and/or appeals shall be handled expeditiously.

WEA Olympic has budgeted a total amount of $20,000 for these financial hardship grants, and this amount will be dispersed on a first come, first served basis.

To apply, fill out this form and submit to Stephanie Mikos at smikos@washingtonea.org.